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Jean Gabeler

Concept developer & UX designer

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Delivering designful innovation

I am an user experience designer who loves the taste of something new.

I can contribute to your innovation. Firstly by using human-centered design practices as an UX designer. PLUS.. here is an odd statement: "human-centered design is unlikely to lead to radical innovation on it's own, as the users live in the current context of meanings." For radical innovation we will need to create a design discourse. I create visions by making sense of what is happening now, by observation or reading and enlarging this knowledge by serendipity and UX practices as an inspiration to use this knowledge to contribute to your design discourse.

Looking for an UX designer for your innovation project? I approach any project like a piece of artwork. Everything has to be just right, consistent with your corperate story while serving the users needs and eventually benefiting the society. Therefore I’ll be highly concerned with any project that I am involved in.

Put simply: I am looking for lovely projects to contribute to, in a team where I can lose myself to work on a better society.